"cfgUpstreamProxy.dll" [Fiddler2 Extension] by yamagata21

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    1. "cfgUpstreamProxy.dll" is a Fiddler2 Extension, so install the Fiddler2 first.
    2. Extract files from cfgUpstreamProxy-verX_XX.zip to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Fiddler2\Scripts.
    3. Start Fiddler2.
      Note: Ensure "Fiddler Options"-"Connections"-"Chain to upstream gateway proxy" checkbox is ON.
      (and RESTART Fiddler2 application.)
    4. Click [Rules]-[Configure UpStream Proxy]-[Custom] menu. (shortcut: [ALT]+[R] -> [O] -> [S]/[F]/[C])
    5. Input UpStream IP-address and port number, separated by a colon.

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