"Burp-like Inspector" [Fiddler2 Extension] by yamagata21

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    1. "Burp-like Inspector" is a Fiddler2 Extension, so install the Fiddler2 first.
    2. Extract files from BurplikeInspector-verX_XX.zip to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Fiddler2\Scripts.
      (If there is "intruder21.dll" in Scripts directory, you should delete it.)
    3. Start Fiddler2, and visit any URL in your browser.
    4. If everything is working, you should see an HTTP request displayed to view and modify.
      You will need to forward HTTP messages as they appear in the Intercept tab, in order to continue browsing.
    5. When having observed an interesting request in the Proxy, you might:
      • Send the request to Repeater21 to manually modify the request and reissue it over and over.
      • Send the request to Intruder21 to perform automated customized attacks.
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